Death Is The Only Mortal

Welcome to my Blog!
My Name is Martin, i'm 18 Years old and i'm from a small village near Hanover, Germany.
On this blog, i share my interests, but also my own Designs (Lyric Signs, Logos, etc.).
I love to listen to Deathcore, Hardcore, Powerviolence, Hip Hop, Metalcore, Pop Punk, Indie Rock/Emo, Death Metal, Indie Pop, Jazz and more.
I love skating with my friends, watching movies, drawing and listen to music.
I hope you enjoy my blog!


My Edits are getting better

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King Conquer // Empires

Decimated Humans // To Provoke Genocide

Requested by lock-n-keyblade

Mr.Fistr // Westboro Bastard Church

Rings Of Saturn // Unsympathetic Intellect

Lionheart // Betrayed


I still can’t get over how great this LP is.



1. Brokenteeth - State Of Emergency 
2. Traitors - Dead Nerves
3. Infant Annihilator - Exhalation Of Disease
4. Obliterate - Relentless
5. Chamber Of Malice - 028 HATE
6. Alone In The Morgue - Meticulous Macabre
7. Ovid’s Withering - Exile
8. Cerebus - Sinister, Sickening Machine 
9. Shadow Of Intent - The Indexing 
10. Gatekeeper - The Suffering 
11. At Night They Return - Trenchdick
12. Strength In Numbers - Soul Dragger 
13. Disfiguring Jenova - Lost
14. On Scalar Waves - Are We Cancer?
15. Eat A Helicopter - Vile Eminence 
16. Delusions Of Grandeur - Spawn Of Sagan
17. Seditionist - Pot Of Greed
18. Messenger Of The Covenant - Emergence 
19. Osiah - Perennial Agony 
20. Scorched By The Flaming Goat - Judgement

Texas In July // Broken Soul